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God The Truth

 The word God is an acronym.

The acronym god/God meaning G:Govern O: Over D: Dominion/Dimension. Govern Over Dominion/Dimension

Who and What god/God is? Is God real? How you believe become your god/God. That is going to determine on how you are going to live your life. You got your own life to live and your own soul to save. I am doing this website share what I feel God has shown to me. Now to me it is a crying shame that we as Humans/Men/Women don't see and understand on one accord about God. So I am going to shake some things up and let all who read this on what I believe.  I hope I don’t offend anyone. First God is no Religion. God the creator who created all things is not a woman,man,angel, or statue he is yes I said he a masculine entity of energy/science in everything that exist on earth,in space and dimensions. To get the truth you must understand scriptures in all the books, the Holy Bible, Torah, Koran, and the book of Mormon of Jesus Christ.  God is no religion.  If your religion worship the real God then you are fine on Salvation. There is a Heaven and a Hell, on judgement day the real God will place you in one or the other.  THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.

Satan/Lucifer Matrix: Master of all trix

The Matrix, the world we live in lost to the truth according to Jesus.  God’s(Father,Son,Holy Spirit and the Word) word the the scriptures is the key to the blue pill. Your eyes/consciousness will be open to the tricks of Satan. His goal is that man/woman us to end up in hell in the lake of fire. Also to live here on earth suffering when there is no need to.  He trick us to do it to ourselves. A demon is put in our life to try to make sure you stay in your sin. The will to keep the 10 commandment is the beginning of taking the blue pills. You must believe that Jesus is the Messiah and God the Son part. You don’t want to go to hell.  You just can’t say you believe in Jesus Christ and willfully sin,hate and do evil things and think you are going to get in heaven. All the scriptures must be taken literally, Holy Scripture, Torah,Koran and the Book of Mormon. The instruction to life.

The Forensic Drawing

A man name Jesus who is the Christ. His true identity and resurrection hidden from us by Satan/Lucifer and the men that did the work to keep the truth hidden.  So they created a Roman European Jesus.  Now it don’t matter what race or national origin Jesus is, then why not the truth.  The other disagreement is rather Jesus and God is the same and is he the Messiah. According to scripture he is both. Whether you believe it or not it is the truth.

The Real Jesus Christ

Don’t Let Satan fool you My goal is to make you think outside the Matrix. To know the truth, the truth will set you free. Jesus came to bring the Truth. Yeshua/Yahshua/Jesus Christ

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