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Jesus the Christ

Inspirational Videos

I hope by looking at some of these chosen videos that it would help you see the truth and inspire you to believe in God(Father,Son,Holy Spirit, and the Word)

Jesus Words Only

When Satan Demands to be Worshipped & You Fall For It - Religious DECEPTION in The World

Pastor Dead for 3 Days in Morgue, Sentenced to Hell !!! (Daniel Ekechukwu NDE Testimony)

John Ramirez: 'Out of the Devil's Cauldron' -

Facts about Heaven

Learning about Jesus/Yeshua

Repentance changing mind and ways

The Rabbit Hole Goes Deep!

Ten Facts About Jesus

All tangible things is real. All the Spiritual things are Real. All the governments are Real.  The Real Matrix is about Heaven and Hell.  About Satan and Creator/God.   Do You want to go to Heaven or Hell?  The Creator/God had Scriptures written for the instruction on his creation.  The Creator/God give everyone free will to choose to obey and follow his instructions.  That is why he said he will be just on judgment day.   The Red pill is Jesus's Truth.  That's why he said he came for the lost sheep.  Those that have ears let them hear and eyes to see.  To read the Scriptures with understanding.   This is true rather you believe it or not.